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Featuring Ashley Horner - Cyclone Cup Sponsored Athlete


Meet, Ashley Horner. In addition to being an International Model, Triathlete, Creator of the Becoming Extraordinary Training Series, Elite Team, WBFF Pro, Writer, Mom, and Master Trainer, she is also now part of the team of Cyclone Cup sponsored athletes!

Ashley is 27 years old, born in the heart of Oklahoma, and has a Native American ethnicity with strong roots in the Choctaw tribe. She also has a wonderful biography and personal story you can read on her Facebook fan page.

Check out Ashley's amazing profile:

WBFF Pro Fitness Model -

Internationally Published fitness Model -Reps Magazine -Muscle and Fitness -Planet Muscle -MMA Uncaged -UNO Magazine -Iron Man Magazine -Natural Muscle Magazine -Fitness RX -Muscle and Fitness HersRepresentations Team Member -Nuts N More - WBFF ProColumnist. for FIT & FIRM MMA UNCAGED
Be sure to follow Ashley on Twitter, Facebook, her Blog, as well as her personal website for all the latest news and updates in her fitness endeavours. Welcome Ashley to the Cyclone Cup team in the comments below!