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Featuring Brandan Fokken - Cyclone Cup Athlete



Meet our latest Cyclone Cup Athlete, Brandan Fokken!  Brandan has his own apparel line, a store front, is a published writer, and does speaking engagements at schools and businesses. He is a multi-sponsored nationally competitive physique competitor (, Beast Sports Nutrtion, P28 Bread, Quest, MuscleEgg, Fat Gripz, Phit Hair and Body, Fitmark bags, Tainted Industries,, as well as an NPC Judge. Brandan also owns and operates def-i-nit-ion Inc. which includes his training/prep business “Fokken Strong Training”. And if that wasn't enough, for his day-to-day job, Brandan is also the corporate wellness manager at POET. POET is the largest ethanol Bio refiner in the world with 27 plants nationwide. Brandan oversees anything that involves health and wellness, implementation of health plans, benefits, and runs their state of the art work out facility.


"My main goal in life is to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, to help others achieve their goals, inspire, educate and motivate others while continuing to be inspired to always push to be a better person." - Brandan Fokken

Brandan's contest history: 2010 Fargo Upper Midwest light heavy 3rd place 2010 Minneapolis Gopher State Classic 2010 light heavy 1st place 2011 Fargo Upper Midwest heavy weight 1st place 2011 Minneapolis Gopher State Classic Physique 2nd place 2011 NPC USA’s Physique tall class 16th out of 32 2011 Muscle and Fitness Gaspari Super Pump Challenge Online Winner 2011 Muscle and Fitness model contest “Olympia expo ” 4th out of 53 2011 Minnesota State North Star Physique mixed class 3rd overall 2011 Photo Vision model 2011 World Physique magazine competitor of the month and “promoting greatness” winner 2012 Body Space Spokes model finalist 2012 Body Space spokes model contest LA expo 5th place 2012 Muscle and Fitness Online Winner *First two time winner* 2012 “Amateur of the Week July 2012” 2012 2012 “Top 20 Extreme Physiques” 2012 Muscle and Fitness model contest “Olympia expo” 6th out of 64 He has also won many online titles not listed above.

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