16 Simple Reasons To Choose Water Over Soda


It's not easy to choose the right beverage for our bodies when it comes to the temptation of our sugary nemesis, the soft drink. It's much easier to grab for an ice cold soda during a meal rather than a glass of water. However, you can still overcome by making the right choice. The difference between the two beverages is phenomenal, so here are 16 simple reasons why you should choose water over that sugary soft drink.

WATER: Hydrating, refreshing, healthy, clears acne, zero calories, natural, satisfying, and GOOD to your body.

SODA: Sugary, causes bloating, full of chemicals, tons of calories, man-made, fattening, gives you gas, and HARMFUL to your body.

Now, this is just a short list to help you get motivated off of those sugary soft drinks and back onto natures beverage, water.