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16 Healthy Swaps For A Better You!

Joe Jerde

Posted on August 27 2013



We all know it's much easier to take the short road when it comes to our daily activities. However, doing so for long periods of time will take a negative toll on the well-being of our bodies. That's when you need to get creative and think outside the box to maximize your mental and physical activity throughout the day. A great time to begin taking control, is with these 16 Healthy Swaps for body and mind:

1. Planks > Crunches

2. Interval Workout > Relaxed Run

3. Warming Up > Rushing Right To It

4. Stairs > Escalator

5. Homemade Post-workout Snack > Protein Bar

6. Whole Fruit > Fruit Juice

7. Raw Spinach > Iceberg Lettuce

8. Cinnamon > Sugar

9. Air-popped Popcorn > Chips

10. Brown Rice > White Rice

11. Oatmeal > Sugary Cereal

12. Avocado > Butter

13. Eating Breakfast > Hitting Snooze

14. Journaling > Emotional Eating

15. Self-Love > Self-Criticism

16. Honesty > Excuses


Have a healthy swap of your own that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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