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Team Cyclone Cup Athletes Competing At Olympia 2013


Joe Weider's Olympia is one of the most anticipated and prestigious fitness/bodybuilding competitions of the year, and it is now getting underway this year in Las Vegas! With the Cyclone Cup hitting the fitness world by storm as the best shaker bottle on the market, we've picked up some great athletes along the way to join up with our team. This year we have 3 athletes competing during Olympia 2013. Let's see a quick rundown of the competition: Heather Dees - Heather will be competing for the Olympia Women's Figure title and will be at the Species Nutrition booth during the Expo. Noemi Olah - Noemi will be competing for the Olympia Bikini title and at the AllMax Nutrition booth during the Expo. Brandan Fokken - Brandan will be competing for the Muscle & Fitness Model Search title. As well, he'll be at the Beast Sports Nutrition booth during the Expo. There will also be several other Team Cyclone Cup Athletes at the event representing a variety of awesome fitness/bodybuilding product companies during the big Olympia showcase expo. Last year there was a total of 35,000 in attendance throughout the event! Larissa Reis will be at the Nutrex booth. Sara Solomon and Ashley Horner will be at the booth. Christopher Villa will be at the MHP booth. The event runs from Sept 27 - 29. You can get all the info and see the event schedule via the official Olympia website. Unfortunately we didn't make the deadline to setup a booth this year, but you can be rest assured that we will be in full force as the top shaker bottle next year at Olympia as we rise to the top! We'll also be setting up for the Arnold Classic as well, and many other upcoming events. So stay tuned!